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“I Do Not Know Where I Have to Alight”

Professor of Philosophy Fr Archie has been lecturing for years at the city’s Theological University. Esteemed for the vast knowledge in his field of studies, he is also known for his proverbial forgetfulness.

One day he was travelling by train, quietly seated among other passengers, holding a book in his hands. He was deeply absorbed in his thoughts when he hears the voice of the ticket inspector, “The ticket please!” Fr Archie began to search in the pockets of his trousers first, then in the jacket–but nothing. 

Next, he looked thoroughly in his briefcase. In vain, there was no trace of the ticket. He became rather frantic, rousing the attention of fellow travellers next to him. Seeing his embarrassment, the ticket inspector looked kindly at him and, with a reassuring voice said, “Father we have no doubt that you bought the ticket. Do not worry, you will find it”. “No! this is not the problem,” replied a rather distressed Fr Archie. “The problem is that I do not know where I have to alight!” 

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