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Hope for Better Officials

Voters will expect those they voted for and won to be true to their mandate of sincere, compassionate and transparent public service.

As the Philippine electorate once more embarks this May on choosing national and local officials who will rule the country in the next few years, there arise high expectations for better officials, and therefore, better governance. Whether the election is mired with various allegations of vote-buying and other electoral violations, the voters will still go out to their precincts to write the names of those whom they think will help provide a better quality of life. 

Living in a democratic country is in itself already considered a blessing. The freedom to still choose new officials, in spite of the prevalence of political dynasties, may also be considered a part of living in a democratic country. Still, there can only be a limit to the people’s patience and understanding. But the Filipino voters will still go out and vote as they still have hope that the newly elected officials will be better.

Voters in the past few months have been bombarded by the candidates with practically all kinds of heavenly promises. Many types of promises have remained unfulfilled through the years and still, the voters remain hopeful. For those who have lost hope, and there are millions, they have opted to do something by leaving their country and work abroad. As victims of broken promises by their officials, their status in life has remained the same. Poverty is still prevalent in this country. Civil strife is still around. Jobs are not enough. Yet, there still remain the seeds of hope every election period. 

Voters will expect those they voted for and won to be true to their mandate of sincere, compassionate and transparent public service. The people expect no less for what they seek is for their newly elected officials to just be true Christians and to fulfill their promises. May the newly elected officials truly provide new beginnings, new life, better governance, this time.

As the nation celebrates Easter, one can only look into the message of hope that comes with the Resurrection. One can lose hope when there seems to be no light in ending one’s poverty. One can lose hope when time and time again the same officials tainted with insincerity and greed are still elected. Nevertheless, there is after all the hope of new beginnings with Easter and the Resurrection. And with newly elected officials, a nation’s resurrection is at hand with the fulfillment of promises.  

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