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Faith At All Cost

It is not easy to live by faith as this cannot be seen. It cannot be measured by the money we donate. What is important is to always seek God’s will in our daily lives and obey His commandments.

A story is told  by Monsignor Albert Venus, parish priest, about a man who had died  and was met by St. Peter and an angel at the entrance of heaven. The man wanted to enter and when St. Peter asked him what good deeds he had done, the man proudly told the good saint and the angel  that he had spared P 20.00 to a beggar he saw on the street. 

St. Peter asked the angel if it’s true, and he said yes, it’s written in the book of life. As if not enough, St. Peter asked for more good deeds the man did in his lifetime.  He answered he bought a meal for his neighbor worth P50.00. When again asked if it’s true, the angel  loudly said yes, it was in the record book. Upon hearing it, St. Peter asked the angel  to return the P 70.00 to the man as he exclaimed, “Go to hell!”

Thinking that our home is in heaven and not here on earth are the things we believe and will die for. It is said that to enter heaven, we must have faith, hope, and charity. In faith, we believe that all things come from the unseen and was created by God, and we will be like Him in the end, in  h-o-p-e we should live a (h) happy life, (o) open ourselves to the workings of the spirit, have a (p) prayerful life and always bring  (e) enthusiasm in serving God and caring for the poor. 

We live today in a difficult world. Our only consolation is in the belief  that after all these trials and pain, we will enter paradise, our eternal dwelling. There, we will be like angels perfect in appearance, without problems, with a life full of  joy. Above all, we will live with God forever, seeing Him  face to face daily  in His wondrous glory.

Seeking God’s will and obeying His commands are our sure tickets to heaven. “Passing through that narrow door”is not easy. Countless saints, men and women of their time had offered their lives in the name of faith. Carrying  the cross of Christ and dying of themselves had become their way of life.

Living simply and authentically in these hard times and caring for the poor can bring us to our final destiny.  A citizen speaking the truth and caring for the environment, a mother giving the best for her children, a government official  honest to his constituents, and a medical worker ready to offer his/her life for a deadly coronavirus to save others are good examples of people as living saints today. 

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