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Be an “Easter” Person!

Easter must be shared and we must become “agents” of the resurrection. As long as we give life, radiate hope, joy, and love, we make the resurrection a reality in our lives, and in other peoples’ lives.

Some years ago, while walking around our seminary compound, I saw something that made me stop. I saw a sprout growing on the cement pavement. It was a rotting mango fruit, from which a shoot and three small leaves were growing. Wow! It survived. It seemed impossible, but it was alive!

From a seemingly dead-end situation, Jesus rose from the tomb, fulfilling His promise to His disciples that He will live again, and accomplishing His mission to gain for us eternal life. How Jesus ended His earthly life was painful and ugly, but something good happened: new life came forth.

The gift of Easter is not only the gift of salvation; it is also the gift of hope. Easter brings with it the promise of a fresh start and a new beginning. What a consolation to know that life does not end in death and eternity awaits us.

All our suffering, deprivation, and persecution leads to something beautiful and enduring. Whatever difficult situation we are going through, let us not lose hope, let us not give up, and let us believe that God will make a way.

“Surprise us again, Lord!” This is a beautiful prayer that makes Easter become real. Let us be confident knowing that our God is a God of surprises, a God of second chances, and that He can change seemingly hopeless situations according to His will, and in His own time. Let us also be assured that Jesus Christ is still with us in our journey, and guiding us every single day.

“Breakthrough is coming!” This is a beautiful Easter mantra that we must keep on saying and keep on believing. After the rain will come the sun. After the darkness, the light will shine. But, along with the mantra, let us strive to become instruments of light and hope.

How do we bring the resurrection to our homes, our communities, or to our work places? Let us not forget our mission to bring Christ to our brothers and sisters: “Go into the entire world and preach the gospel to all creation” (Mark, 16:15). Let us try to become His grateful and loving servants.

To say that the resurrection must be a personal treasure does not mean that it is exclusive. It must be shared! We must become “agents” of the resurrection. As long as we give life; radiate hope, joy, and love, we make the resurrection a reality in our lives, and in other peoples’ lives. May we always have within us the Easter spirit which gives us that peace and assurance which this world cannot give or take away. Let us be “Easter” persons!

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