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The commitment to mission promotion through the mass media which for us, Comboni Missionaries, is part and parcel of our identity allowed me to embrace my new mission.

With this issue of World Mission magazine, I begin my new assignment as editor of this publication which is produced here in the Philippines. After spending nine years in Africa and eight in Portugal doing various missionary works, the superiors of my congregation have asked me to come to Asia to work in the media. I accepted, first of all, in an attitude of faith, believing that God’s will is made manifest through human mediations. Then, I consented knowing that my previous experience in mission and mass media are assets that would help me face the challenges of the new service being proposed to me. Finally, the commitment to mission promotion through the mass media which for us, Comboni Missionaries, is part and parcel of our identity allowed me to embrace my new mission.

We have several missionary magazines published in Latin America, U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia. Our publications are aimed at animating the laity, the priests and the bishops in being missionary–minded. Local churches have the duty of sharing the concerns of the universal Church and be in spiritual as well as material solidarity with those Christian communities most in need. In this country, we have been raising the awareness towards the necessity of communion with our brothers and sisters in faith right from the beginning of our presence, nearly 28 years ago. We have published 303 issues of our magazine to date.

The Philippines is truly blessed in the whole of Asia, having welcomed the gift of faith some 500 years ago and having kept it ever since, making it and East Timor the two Asian countries with a majority Catholic population. This treasure has to be shared with other peoples and countries, both near and far. There are already some Filipino missionaries serving in other countries but the needs of evangelization are many and, therefore, much is expected of the Church in the Philippines in the context of Asia. Being a multicultural and pluri–religious continent, Asia still needs the Gospel. Through our magazine and mission promotion in the parishes, we hope and aim to give a small contribution to this urgent mission.

As I take over from my predecessor, Fr. David Domingues, who for the past four years made World Mission ever more known and highly–appreciated for its valuable content, my prayer and hope are that the magazine will continue being a reference of Church and missionary information in the Philippines and in Asia. Modesty aside, the various "awards" our publication has received over the years are a testament to the quality and relevance of this media project for the Church and society.

Dear reader, here at the magazine, we are happy to receive your comments and feedback about the articles, opinions and layout. Please feel free to share with us your thoughts. Your invaluable contributions will definitely be for the betterment of World Mission. Maraming salamat po! (Thank you very much!)

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