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A Lesson In Goodness

The important lesson to draw from this saga is to appreciate how a group of adolescents had the mental capacity to wait and be united in adversity in order to survive.

Thailand is still in our collective memory after the successful rescue of a soccer team and their coach from a remote cave last month. 

Twelve children and an adult survived 18 days of darkness, without enough food and water in a cave flooded by torrential rains. Some of the children were as young as 11 years old. However, they were found in a reasonable physical and mental condition in spite of the harsh circumstances they experienced. Their smiles and good moods broadcasted to the whole world astounded everyone.  

This is a reason to rejoice because of the positive outcome of a situation that could have ended tragically. Their rescue was made possible due to the resilience, humility and teamwork of all who were involved. 

The coach who accompanied the boys had a saving role. It was revealed that he had a troubled adolescence, having lost his parents and brother to an epidemic that hit his remote village. 

He was later entrusted to a Buddhist temple where he learned to be resilient – the art to fight when everything is going down the drain. The 25-year-old coach passed on to his football players the courage necessary for their survival.  

Worth mentioning as well is the outstanding work of the rescue teams. They are the heroes of the operation which had never been attempted before. It was extremely dangerous to dive in such a treacherous environment. 

The Thai people and their authorities deserve also to be commended for their humility in accepting all the help. All bureaucracy was eased so that foreign divers and specialists could come in swiftly and give a hand. 

The huge wave of solidarity that crossed the four continents to save the twelve children and their coach is proof that humanity is able to draw the best out of itself to overcome obstacles.   

We have to exult when goodness shows up and insist in denouncing the evil that permeates our societies. Wars, hunger, destruction of the environment, exploitation of the most vulnerable, rejection of the refugees occur daily and we let it happen.  

The important lesson to draw from this saga is to appreciate how a group of adolescents had the mental capacity to wait and be united in adversity in order to survive.  The intrinsic human goodness won over the barrier of evil giving way to a happy ending. 

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