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NEW SAINT: Charles De Foucauld Cleared For Canonization

Blessed Charles de Foucauld has been cleared for canonization by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. Charles de Foucauld, a former French army officer, geographer and explorer, joined the Trappist order in 1890. He was later to leave the Trappists to follow a solitary life of prayer in the Holy Land.

After being ordained in 1901, he became a hermit, first in Morocco, and later in the Algerian Sahara. Whilst living in Algeria, De Foucauld learned the language of the local Tuareg people, devising the first French-Tuareg dictionary and a Tuareg translation of the Gospels. 

De Foucauld was seized in a raid by a neighboring tribe and shot dead on 1 December 1916. His spirituality, based around love for neighbor, inculturation and the spiritual peace of the desert, inspired several notable 20th-century Catholics, including Louis Massignon, Dorothy Day, Jacques Maritain and Madelaine Delbrel.  

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