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Fr. David Domingues (in photo, second from right), delegate superior of the Asia Delegation, has been elected general assistant of the Comboni Missionaries during the General Chapter, held in Rome from June 1 to 30.

He will integrate the General Council that has the task of leading the Institute according to five major themes that make up the blueprint for the next six years: ministeriality, revision of formation, sharing of goods and sustainability, community life and Comboni missionary spirituality.

The members of the General Council are (from left to right): Br. Alberto Lamana (from Spain, general assistant; Fr. Luigi Codianni (from Italy, general assistant); Fr. Tesfaye Tadesse (from Ethiopia, general superior); Fr. David Domingues (from Portugal, general assistant) and Fr. Elias Sindjalim (from Togo, general assistant).  

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