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Let the Youth Grow their Roots

Faced with challenging times brought about by the pandemic, the youth nowadays are treading on a new path where they make decisions not only on what they want in their lives but also on the way it would positively affect the world.

The Gospels of Mark, Luke, and Matthew discuss the parable of the mustard seed. It encompasses the growth of one’s faith wherein it starts from a small seed but eventually blooms and grows to a living plant and tree with branches spreading all over the world.

Mankind was severely tested when the world got hit by the pandemic and more than two years of coping with health issues because of the rampant spreading of different variants of the virus. Unemployment and millions of lives were lost globally.

Children had to learn in a new environment with distance learning. The biggest challenge was on the youth. Out of all the lives that were put on hold, it is the new generation that had to contend and become the voice of today. 

Problem Solvers
Do you think the pandemic would dissuade them from their aspirations? Knowing the difficulty of the medical frontliners and big responsibility, would it have turned them off from still wanting to become doctors? No. In fact, the more it has given the youth of today the boost they needed to face new challenges. They have become more decisive about what they want to do in life and to bring about a better and brighter tomorrow for generations to come. They do not want another repeat of the pandemic. They want to become the solutions, the problem solvers. 

A girl in her pre-teens saw the beauty in music. With the onset of mental health problems everywhere, she found comfort and more healing through the sounds of music. Having had good teachers as her best role models, she wants to become a music teacher. One day, she wants to impart to her would-be students her love for music. 

A grandmother asked her granddaughter if she still wants to become a doctor after all the difficulties the medical frontliners faced. She gave it a thought and answered with a resounding “Yes” that she really wants to be a professional doctor of medicine. She is ready to set foot as a pre-med student. 

More young women also want to become IT professionals. In a world that is evolving to the digital age, it is welcoming to know that not only young men but women as well are taking on this big task. 

Years ago, the number of girls wanting to pursue a career in the Information Technology department came as a surprise. But at present, there is a growing percentage of women who are now in the IT world. As reported this year by Manila Bulletin and PTV News Philippines last April, the DOST-SEI (Department of Science and Technology–Science Education Institute) study has revealed that more Filipino women are now inclined to take up careers in the disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) with 45% of the country’s degree holders in 2015 of S&T (Science and Technology) being women.  

Giving young adults freewill to choose for themselves the careers they want is the first step for them to grow their roots. As elders, we can only do so much to guide them but it is best for it to be their decision, and not to impose on what we would have wanted to take on in our life. 

Dreams Come True
There are parents who would say they want their children to have what they did not have. The parents want their dreams to come true with their children. But we should take note that it is their lives. It is their dreams, the children’s dreams that need to come true and not ours. 

With regards to faith, the way we live our lives is the best way to show the young generation “na may makakapitan ka sa Diyos.” Meaning, we have God to hold on to. The pandemic was the greatest test in man’s faith. People have lost loved ones. The poor got hungrier. Yet here we are, still standing strong as a human race.

Matthew 13 speaks more clearly of the different parables on the seeds, sower, and the weeds. As parents and mentors or guardians, the seeds we instill on children will be bearing fruits one day. 

The kind of seeds we are going to plant especially in faith will become the kingdom of the living Word of God. The youth have become more challenged when it comes to their life decisions and more so with the pandemic. 

Just when you thought they want to back away from having a career in the medical field because of the hardship in their line of work as frontliners, the more they want to become doctors and nurses, therapists, and caregivers because they want to become the generation that will find solutions to the troubles of the world. One should not be inhibiting or stunting their growth. Let them spread their wings. Let the youth grow their roots. 

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