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The Voice of Women Say, “Time’s Up!”

Prominent women and men in Hollywood and London have launched a movement to end sexual harassment in the workplace and society. They aim to challenge every act of sexual abuse that comes to light. It is called “Time’s Up.”

Since the human race began, women were always considered by men to be inferior, the so-called weaker sex, which was a way to establish, falsely of course, that they somehow had lesser rights than men and were expected to be docile and subservient. It gave permission for the males to dominate them especially when they occupied positions of ascendency and power over the women.

The women suffered the humiliation and harassment, and feared if they complained they would be further discriminated against, harassed and even fired from their jobs or their careers would be stymied. The slogan was, it seems, “play along or pay the price.”

Today, western women will no longer have to “play-along” and cover up their anguish, intimidation, feelings of humiliation, being exploited and used as the play things of abusive men. The “Time’s Up” group is composed of well-known producers, actresses, writers and studio executives. The action has raised as much as US $13 million for legal cases against individuals who are accused of harassment or companies who allow or ignore such abuses in the workplace.

The legal fund will help poor women, men and youth in low-paid jobs who are sexually molested, abused and are afraid or unable to take legal action due to the high costs. They are usually afraid to speak out and are likely to lose their employment. But the movement has a strong following and is there to help everyone in need.

One of the gagging techniques abusive men used was to get the victims to take the money, sign a non-disclosure agreement or to threaten them with loss of their jobs. This ensured the silence of the victims. This is now being targeted to totally discredit the practice and have it banned. Those abused are encouraged to never sign anything but to seek the help of “Time’s Up.” 

It is an encouraging and historical time for abused women to be vindicated and protected, and for justice to be seen by all to be done. Thousands of men prone to commit acts of lasciviousness, sexual abuse and harassment can quake in their boots if this really takes off. Not only is the name-and-shame campaign empowering women to take a stand and point their accusing finger but now it is backed up with legal action.  

So the day is fast approaching when there will be some change in the western world when women speak out for their rights and expose the harassment and abuse they have endured. 

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