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Best practices at work

Through work, humans participate in God’s creation. Work is necessary for the self-fulfillment of the person; it enhances his/her dignity and self-worth. Here are some practical tips to help improve the quality of work.

Listening to the story of creation in Scriptures, we hear of God spending six days in acts of creation. On the seventh day, He rested. With God as our role model, we spend many hours of the day at work. We participate joyfully in the act of co-creation and, when it is time to rest, we experience the happiness of having done the will of God at work.

What is work? Work is a person’s basic right. Depriving man/woman of work will diminish his/her self-worth. Give man/woman a job and you will see his/her life blossom. For work is necessary for man’s/woman’s fulfillment; it enhances a person’s dignity and self- worth. Work is a means to perfect a person’s skills, abilities and talents. It is also the best form of service to one’s self, family, enterprise and society.

What are some of the best concepts and practices at work? First, to do perfect work and be reminded by the Gospel passage: “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” Perfect work means quality work.

Some years back I was sent for training in Total Quality Management in Japan. I like their definition of quality work: it is “doing the right things right the first time, on time, all the time.” Doing the right things means going after the essentials, the ability to achieve more with less effort. Doing the right things right the first time means the ability to eliminate or reduce waste linked to rework.

Here are some practical tips to quality work. One is be punctual. Two, get organized for the day; this means making a “to do” list and prioritize activities according to importance and urgency. Third, live the present moment well. This requires that you focus on one task at a time with concentration and completion.

Four, inspire yourself. Make an offering to God for every activity with a “for You Jesus” or better still a “with You, Jesus.” This way, all our efforts and energies are blessed. Fifth, reward yourself. When given a complex or time consuming assignment, look for a reward after the work is done. I like books. In my case, I choose a book at the store but will not purchase it till I have my assignment completed with quality. Finally, clean up your work station at the end of the day.

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