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Two months ago, a video of a boy bullying and physically hurting his school mate went viral. The fact is, such incidents cause deep damage upon the victims, especially if these are not immediately addressed. There are ways to heal such wounds inflicted upon a young heart.

Looking deeper into the situation, how could our young people develop a healthy sense of self-worth in a world where they could be faced with such forms of abuses? Even on the side of the child who initiated the bullying, rehabilitation of his self-worth needs to be done. A child who inflicts pain on another has a lot of hatred and psychological baggage. Perhaps he himself was bullied or he saw his father maltreating others. 

What are ways to develop a strong sense of self-value? Every day, take to heart that whatever other people do or say to you, God’s perspective of you will never change. Isaiah 43:4 says, “Because you are precious in My eyes and honored, and I love you, I give people in return for you and nations in exchange for your life.” He loves you without conditions, in good times and in bad, when you behave positively or negatively. 

Ask the Lord for the grace to forgive those who have dumped their emotional garbage upon you. They too have had problems establishing a secure sense of self. Ask also for the grace to seek pardon from those you may have hurt. 

Learn to love yourself. Forgive yourself for your own imperfections. It may help to regularly visualize the Lord embracing you and accepting you as you are, with your strengths and weaknesses. Part of loving oneself is setting boundaries and not allowing others to violate these to the point where they degrade your dignity as a human being.  

Focus on being grateful, looking at your good side without denying your frailties. Develop your talents and use these for His glory, to grow into the best version of yourself and to serve others. Practice ways to improve the different areas of your life. Humbly admitting one’s limitations will allow God’s graces to permeate your soul and help you be more open to the assistance offered by other people. 

Constantly receive God’s love, in prayer and in other ways He manifests this. Sometimes, the people you normally expect it from may not be able to give it because they are going through their own process of facing their hurts. People around us may intentionally or unintentionally cause us pain. But we need to remember by heart that you and I are always loved by God who created us precisely because He wants to share this love with us. 

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