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PHILIPPINES: “Emmaus College” Aims To Promote Spirituality Of Dialogue

“The Emmaus Theological College, built in the city of Zamboanga with specialization in interreligious dialogue, welcomes 40 young students who, inspired by the spirituality of life in dialogue, can undergo training to serve the Church and society in the spirit of human brotherhood,” explains the Italian missionary Father Sebastiano D’Ambra of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME), who has been active in the south of the Philippines for 45 years.

The theological institute, recognized by the Philippine Bishops’ Conference and the Ministry of Education, awards the bachelor’s degree, but also offers courses that are not part of an academic study.

“The college,” explains Father D'Ambra, director of the new college, “offers young Catholics a comprehensive formation program that accompanies them to pursue their vocation intellectually, but also spiritually, in a spirit of dialogue with people of all cultures and religions.”

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