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SOUTH SUDAN: Center for peace

The project of the combined Catholic Religious in South Sudan (RSASS) to build a center for human and spiritual formation, peace-building and trauma healing, near the capital, Juba, was launched officially by Arch. Paulino Lukudu Loro.

The building, consisting of forty bedrooms, was built with funds donated by Italian and German Catholic charities, some international NGOs and several Catholic religious institutes present in South Sudan. The center, whose simple but profound message is expressed above the chapel entrance in the words: “Be at Peace,” will be a very positive symbol of strength in the search for peace in South Sudan.

The center is open to people of all faiths. It is a gift of hope for the people of South Sudan, especially for all who will receive formation from this center. It is also a great sign that the Catholic Church, through its religious institutes and the local Church, is committed to peace, justice and reconciliation in the country.

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