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Mother Earth’s Caretakers

The youth are called to become the caretakers of the earth. The older generations can set the wheels sailing to the path of environment preservation and conservation. What we are able to do now can greatly affect what happens after.

One of the roles we have in life is tend to God’s creation. We are called to do our part when it comes to environment preservation and nation-building. Whether as an ordinary citizen, family member, social worker, active parishioner or entrepreneur, we are called to be socially responsible people.

The simple day-to-day living can contribute a great deal when we all do it together.  For example, plant in our garden. One plant can help with the breathing cycle to aid in fighting against pollution. A tree that we plant today can grow to saving us from flash floods.  

Another contribution we can do is to check on transportation’s combustions. If it exhausts as a smoke belcher, have it fixed.  It helps to have health wellness to prevent people from having respiratory problems. Others are now “on the move” to bicycle riding.  Good for the body and avoids pollution.  

When you go to the malls, make it part of your habit to have an eco-bag with you wherever you go. A paper bag that you do not use can save trees. As consumers, we are not just tasked to consume things. We are called to conserve the universe, mankind and the environment, as the birth right we have been blessed with.  

At the same time, we are also able to save the habitats of animals.  As much as humans need care, animals need that as well.  Isn’t it a big wonder that God created people on top of the chain because the Lord knows that we are responsible and dependable enough to become His caretakers? We were not sent to kill nor to devastate. We are placed on Earth to serve and that is one of the common callings we all have: to serve those who cannot take care of themselves, such as animals and plants.

According to research of National Geographic straws apparently poke the eyes of fishes. Think twice before using a straw. There are now innovations with bamboo and metal straws that are reusable.  Paper straws would, at least, liquefy.  Have a tumbler with you with your favorite drink.  It saves usage of plastic or paper cups.  There is more that each of us can do, if we are able to band together towards a common goal, and that is to save the only home we have, earth. 

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