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At Daybreak

Daybreaks and new years are both beginnings; like Jesus, we are invited to begin our days and new year talking to God, thanking Him and asking for His blessings.

A new year is here, 2020, a gift from the Lord! As we commence this year we are reminded of this: “At daybreak, Jesus left and looked for a solitary place.” (Luke, 4:42) Like Jesus, it is important to begin the year with talking to God. 

I recall growing up awakened by mother’s praying at early dawn as father bade her goodbye, making the sign of the cross on his way to the farm. Going to school, I asked  for mother’s blessings. On the road, I found fishermen coming out from their bancas with hauls of fresh fish. I also saw farmers with carabaos in tow. All these people uttered a prayer or two before leaving their homes.

Things are different now. Early morning, I see people of various ages rushing to catch a jeep or a bus. Along the road leading to the highway, cars are speeding and motorcycles are tagging along. A few meters from the stop light, beggars are asking for alms while cigarette and newspaper vendors are selling their wares. I don’t know these people and am not sure whether they talked to God or not as they leave their houses, but I know for certain that we live in borrowed time and a hurried life is needed to survive.

I had been to Singapore,  Beijing, New York, and Rome. In Singapore, I saw elderly men and women still working. In a Beijing park, I watched a large number of old men and women doing their morning exercises. In subways of New York and trains of Rome, I encountered throngs of people, quickly moving to their areas of work. 

Here again I am not sure whether these people talked to God before leaving their houses. The reason for this is, we live in a hurried life where seconds are counted; to find time for God is certainly difficult but not impossible. 

The truth is, we work from daybreak to sunset in order to survive, but that must not prevent us from talking to God. That is why at the begining of this new year, it is important to slow down and make time to talk to God. God loves His people, young and old, in all ages. Putting God in our life and seeking only the true treasure are what matters. In Timothy 6: 10-11, we read, “For the love of money is the root of all evil. But for you, man of God, shun all this, pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love...” May 2020’s daybreak be an occasion to thank God and ask for His blessings. 

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