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CORONAVIRUS: People Turn To Prayer During Lockdown

Thousands of people in the UK are turning to prayer during lockdown, according to new research. According to a poll of 2,101 adults, 44% say they pray, and among those who pray, 33% say that they have prayed since the Covid-19 lockdown because they believe it makes a difference.

Among those who pray, two-thirds say they agree that God hears their prayers and over half say they agree that prayer changes the world. Half of those who pray agree that they’ve witnessed answers to their own prayers and over two-fifths believe that their prayer changes the lives of people in developing countries.

Dr. Ruth Valerio, global advocacy and influencing director at Tearfund (a Christian NGO), said: “It is encouraging to see the number of people in the UK praying during such a challenging time. Our experience at Tearfund is that prayer and practical action go hand-in-hand.”  

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