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Health Scare? Let’s Care

In Biblical times, there were plagues. In trying times like these, with the rampant crisis of the coronavirus disease, also known as Covid-19, we are left with no recourse but to bond together in prayers and find solutions to stop spreading it further.

Faced with the societal dilemma of handling a health crisis to stop the spread of this viral disease, Metro Manila and now Luzon are forced to be on “community quarantine.”   It has become a pandemic because the virus does not choose its victims. Rather, it affects random people in various countries simultaneously without discrimination of their race, age or sexual orientation. 

Is it not the first time in history that even in attending Mass we have to participate via television? Now is not the time to let people’s faith waver. It might not be compulsory for us to go to Church because of the quarantine.  In fact, this would be the time when we have to pray voluntarily on one’s own accord without being told to do so. We say prayers at home to lift it all up to God. We attend Mass through any possible venues such as live stream on the internet. We pray the Rosary for the Blessed Mother Mary to intercede for us when we need it the most. Conversing with God will be the best way.        

It is difficult to contain and control the spreading of the virus. Medical professionals are doing all they can to treat patients already inflicted with the illness.  Shelves are running out of stock of masks. To be able to distribute masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who also need it shows that we care.  

Social distancing is one of the stricter measures being undertaken to avoid close contact and proximity. Others even resort to undergo self-quarantine. Supposedly, we should be one meter apart. Self-quarantine is for those who either experience symptoms or have been in contact with Covid-19 positive persons. They should isolate themselves even at their homes. People who ride PUVS, like jeeps or buses, are being checked by the police to make sure they are one seat apart.  Avoiding all sorts of contact is for your own good. Contaminating others is a detrimental health risk, not only to your own self but also to other people in general.  

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”  Currently, laboratory tests are conducted but they still cannot find any cure.  All we can do, at the moment, is to follow guidelines on avoiding getting sick. The coronavirus is no joke.  It is not to be taken lightly.  This disease is deadlier than any existing illness.  We cannot even identify the carriers.  Whether you are popular or not, it does not discriminate.  Each one should do their share and show people that you do care by not contaminating others. In critical times like these, let these words of Jesus resound into our ears: “Do not let your hearts be troubled.” (John 14:27) 

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