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God Loves Us

From God’s self-giving in Jesus Christ, we must understand and feel that God really loves us. In return, we should ask ourselves, do we also love Him? If so, how much?

Fr. Dave Concepcion, the parish priest of Sta. Maria Goretti, always talks about God’s love in his homilies. According to him, “It’s better to be presumptous that God loves us, rather than be doubtful of His love.” And it’s true. With His great love, He gives His only Son to us in human form; dwells in our midst, acts as a slave, laughs, cries, suffers, and dies that we may live with Him and His Father in heaven. As Jesus humbles Himself as a man, He endures all the sufferings beyond human understanding to show to us that He truly cares.

Problems always arise in our everyday life: sickness or death in the family, loss of a job, and betrayal of a friend or a loved one. We sometimes feel that no one cares. But it is good to bear in mind that in all these trials, God loves us, and that we must also show that we love Him by holding on and keeping our faith with a smile until all these things come to end. He will be with us along the way until the sun shines.

In times of jubilation, we must be grateful to Him, for all the blessings that we enjoy came from Him. We share what we have, for what we can only keep are the things that we can give.

In life, we need to be always patient, courageous, and persistent. We should start with small things. And as the saying goes,  “the continuous drop of water, no matter how small, will break the hardest rock.” During life’s darkest moments, when we can’t stand on our feet, it is necessary to kneel and feel God’s loving embrace. For in prayer, we are in direct communion with Him.

It seems that lockdowns, safety protocols, and other life’s worries due to pandemic will remain with us for sometime. For this reason, it’s important to put to heart some lines of the prayer of Padre Pio Pietrelcina. “Stay with me Lord for it is You alone I look for; Your love, Your grace, Your will, Your spirit, Your heart. I love You and I ask no other reward but to love You more and more.”

With His loving arms, God will protect us from the pressures of the day and  remove the heaviness in our hearts. He really loves us, and will continue to be with us as life goes on. 

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