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Learn from the Climb!

It is not easy to climb a mountain, but the climb itself is its own reward. Don’t give up. Go slowly, step-by-step, one day at a time. Learn from the climb.

According to a story I heard, one day, a man was feeling tired and disheartened by life’s countless trials and hardships. He prayed and complained to God. “Lord, why do I have so many mountains and hills to climb in my life?” he asked. And God answered, “For you to have a better view, my child.”

It is not easy to climb a mountain, but the climb itself is its own reward. Learn from the climb. If you are on a mountain climb right now, maybe God is freeing you from unnecessary attachments or excess baggage that you don’t need in life so that you can travel light. When burdened by the mountain climb, be consoled that the Lord is with you every step along the way.

We must not give in to helplessness, hopelessness, and despair. We must believe that our God is a God of surprises who wants us to see the beautiful view on top.  Let us broaden our horizons and open our hearts to possibilities and miracles. Let our constant prayer be: “Lord, deliver me from useless worries, fears, and anxieties. Jesus, I trust in You! Mama Mary, I love you!”

Stay focused on the Lord no matter what road you are in. Ask Him to instill in you a childlike trust in Him that makes you excited, still, at every phase of your journey.  I am sharing with you this “prayer” I wrote some time ago:


“Surprise me, Lord”

When I feel I’m growing old, surprise me, Lord.

When I feel the world is growing cold, surprise me, Lord.

When I feel there’s no one to hold, surprise me, Lord.


When it seems the pain will never end, surprise me, Lord.

When it seems I have been forgotten, surprise me, Lord.

When it seems I have been abandoned, surprise me, Lord.


When the journey is long and tiresome, surprise me, Lord.

When the day is heavy and burdensome, surprise me, Lord.

When my life is sad and lonesome, surprise me, Lord.


When I thought the well is already dry, surprise me, Lord.

When I thought I would no longer see the moon at night, surprise me, Lord.

When I thought life was an endless goodbye, surprise me, Lord.


When my heart has grown cynical, surprise me, Lord.

When matters of the heart no longer seem to matter, surprise me, Lord.

When surprises surprise me no longer, surprise me, Lord. Amen.

May the loving presence of the Lord and His Living Word sustain us in our journey to His Heart. “Today is Holy to the Lord Your God. Do not be saddened this day, for the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10).


Fr. Jerry is a Divine Word Missionary. He is active in the media apostolate and leads pilgrimages to Marian shrines. He has written 17 books.

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