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The Fruits of Healing

A truly joyful person is one who leads a God-centered and meaningfully integrated life. It is a good practice to periodically check ourselves regarding where we are in our life’s journey. Spending some quiet time to seek enlightenment from the Holy Spirit is a worthwhile endeavor.

We see droves of individuals lining up for Healing Masses asking to be cured of various kinds of diseases. However, just as we get sick on the outside, we could get spiritually unhealthy and psychologically pained. 

As we allow God to fill the areas of unlove in our hearts, He can help us regain our worth, not based on how events of rejection may have lowered our esteem, but on how He values us no matter what we go through. 

There are two outstanding fruits that being healed can give us. One is that we become stronger and more proactive. Instead of our throwing emotional garbage on other people, possibly using them for our selfish agenda or turning them away, we can positively contaminate and influence them to do good. Together with them, we can create ripples of meaningful productivity that can glorify God and help us serve others.

The second is that we open ourselves to even more blessings from God. When there are unmet psycho-spiritual needs in us, we could get stuck, become bitter, and this hinders the flow of graces into our lives, and prevents us from being effective channels of these graces to other people.

Inner healing is oftentimes connected with physical, financial and other external aspects of healing. When we feel dragged down by heaviness from within, our biological condition may also deteriorate. 

Dr. Dale A. Matthews is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. He points out that, “Prayer works.” He has reviewed more than 200 cases linking religious commitment and health, cited in his book, The Faith Factor.

Dr. Matthews cites studies suggesting that people who pray are less likely to get sick, are more likely to recover from surgery and illness and are better able to cope with their illnesses than people who do not pray.

Being peaceful also helps our minds function better and can make us more creative. In this manner, we may be open to more financial opportunities that God would like to give us through His human instruments of provision. 

As we receive and experience holistic healing from the inside out, we can pursue the personal mission that the Lord has planted in the core of our being with genuine freedom, dynamism and gratitude, and discover the happiness we thirst for. 

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