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Summer Fun

Some of our young readers in the Philippines are looking forward to vacation time, while others will still be having their classes but are gearing up for the summer heat here as well. Here are a few suggestions on how best to make use of the summer months.

Summer months are usually associated with going swimming, enjoying the local dessert halo-halo, making and eating iced candy, traveling and having more time with friends. But many of those who do not have classes try to spend their time wisely by engaging in Church activities, organizing youth camps, taking short courses in the arts, or learning new skills.

This period could be considered by many as a breather from the hectic academic schedule. How could we make good use of the summer months? Proverbs 10:5 says, “A son who gathers in summer is a credit; a son who slumbers during harvest, a disgrace.” This line reminds us to make good use of the weather and the time. Yes, one can perhaps have more hours for sleeping and playing. But be warned against being idle. This could make the mind brittle and the body lethargic, such that it would be difficult to go back to the normal run of things later on.

Perhaps it would be worth asking, “What are the talents that the Lord has gifted me with? How can I use them to glorify Him and serve others?” If you are good in singing, why not join the choir and sing during the Masses? Perhaps you and other Youth Ministry members could arrange a concert and through music and testimonies, share with other young people about how God has shown you His love concretely.

Consider also, “What interests and hobbies do I have which can help in my overall growth and that could be used in outreach efforts to others too?” For example, have you been wanting to learn more about using social media effectively? You may study further how to take attractive photos and how to tweak the various possibilities of utilizing Facebook, Instagram and other applications. You could use your learnings in featuring inspiring persons and their stories. 

Have you long been wanting to learn how to play a particular sport? Why not start this summer? You might also sharpen your social skills and meet new people. Sports can teach many lessons like cooperation, humility, attentiveness and perseverance. 

Whether the next two months will spell vacation for you or not, it is important to use your time well. Let us take to heart 1 Peter 4:10: “As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” 

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