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The call for discipleship is for everyone. Discipleship happens when we focus more on the kingdom of God and the work to be done, and less on our worthiness.

I read an interesting anecdote which said that after Jesus rose from the dead, He was met by angels in heaven who asked Him whom He left behind on earth to continue His work. “Just a small group of men and women who love me,” Jesus replied. The angels were concerned, and hastened to ask another question: “That’s it? What if this tiny group should fail?” Jesus said:

“I have no other plans.”

Jesus is counting on us, on our love, on our commitment to Him. He believes in us. He trusts us. Those whom Jesus calls, He empowers. Let us not forget the tremendous power of prayer, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our life and ministry as His disciples.

Life takes a turn when we begin to follow someone or serve someone greater than ourselves. Who are you following in this world? Are you following a celebrity or an influencer in social media? Make sure that you follow someone worth following, someone who can give meaning to your life on earth, and beyond.

How do I follow the Lord every day? At different moments of the day, I listen to Him whisper to me: “Just love me, Jerry.” And when I meet all kinds of people in my ministry, including those who are difficult or unkind, I hear Him whisper to me: “Just love them, Jerry.”

I reside at the Mission House in Christ the King Seminary where Filipino SVD missionaries, working in different parts of the world, come and go. It is very inspiring and edifying to listen to their stories of courage, passion, and compassion in doing their mission.

To be a good disciple, it is essential that we have a personal relationship with the Master. We must be willing to give up something, and serve the Lord and His people with humility, joy, selflessness, perseverance. Let us be a part of “Team Jesus” not only as followers, but as witnesses that the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

The reward of following the Lord is “out of this world”–eternal life in the age to come. But the reward is also here on earth for those who sacrifice for the Lord and His kingdom.

One piece of advice that has helped me in my journey is what our novice master told us many years ago: “God chooses not so much the worthy instrument, as the willing instrument.” As long as we are willing, God will use us. Let our prayer be: Lord, teach us to generously, gratefully, and joyfully follow You.

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