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Grief? Belief!

Though the valleys may be dark, Jesus sheds a light on the righteous path to spark the way to truth and life. As time heals wounds, the eternal love of Christ will kiss away your fears. Fear not! As the Lord has said, the Savior has come.

On Assumption Day, I sobbed in front of the Holy Blessed Sacrament. Papa heaved his last breath on July 30, 2019. Even though God has given us all the time we needed with papa, nobody could ever be prepared to lose dearest loved ones.   

One night, as I sat in the car listening to the songs that I dedicated to and shared with my papa, I cried. I could not stop the tears from falling. As I listened, I was able to feel the depth of the music’s meaning.  

Normally, I was only able to have a song for departed loved ones after they have moved on to the afterlife. But with God’s grace, I still have heartfelt gratitude that I was able to share my songs with papa. Papa quietly listened. Special moments that can only be given to us with Divine Providence will never be taken away from us. After a good cry, as I was shaking it off, I drove to pick up mama.  I still have more than enough reasons to keep on living because of love.  The love that connected us before will always be the same bond that will keep us together with every tomorrow.     

Give yourself time to grieve.  At the same time, you also owe it to yourself to keep on believing in God’s living Word. No matter how trivial life may be, the sun still shines.  Even if you feel like nobody understands…a kind word from a stranger, a caring response from loved ones, a smile, a shared laughter, a sweet goodnight, there are gentle reminders of the dearly departed’s love for you. The void of missing them cannot be filled up by others but the yesterdays you have had with them forever occupies the space deep within your heart. 

Let me share with you Papa’s favorite quotation and last words with Kuya:  

“May the road rise up to meet you  
May the wind be always 
at your back 
May the sun shine warm 
upon your face 
May the rain fall soft 
upon your fields 
And until we meet again, 
May GOD hold you in the palm of His hand.”

Papa believed in paying it forward. A lot of people have said that we are blessed to have papa as our father. We are more blessed because of You who have planted seeds of love in papa. 

Remember the footprints in the sand?  At times you might be weary and feel like the burden is too heavy to bear.  Know and believe that Jesus is and always will be there for you, carrying the Cross you are heavily burdened with, in each step.  Just when you are about to give up and it feels like you are alone, you are not.  Christ, our Lord and Savior, cares – more than you could have ever thought of.  Rekindle that faith with renewed strength and keep the hope alive. 

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