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AFGHANISTAN: Bishops’ Conferences Speak Out On Afghanistan

Because of the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan as the country falls to the Taliban, Bishops in western nations are calling on their governments to help the thousands of people fleeing the country – especially those who risked their lives to assist the military mission that began 20 years ago.

Bishop Mario Dorsonville and Bishop David Malloy, chairs of the USCCB’s Committees on Migration and on International Justice and Peace respectively, issued a statement calling on the US government “to act with the utmost urgency, considering all avenues to preserve life.” They note that Catholic organizations and partners have been assisting the government in welcoming Afghan refugees and their families. In Europe, the chairman of the German Bishops Conference, Bishop Georg Bätzing, said he was “outraged by the widespread suffering and helplessness of those whose future is being stolen from them.”  

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