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MIDDLE EAST: “Alarming” Exodus Of Christians

The world economic crisis and the global situation marked by the Russian military invasion in Ukraine are having serious effects on the network of charitable and social works promoted by the Churches in the Middle East. This circumstance is driving the exodus of Christians from the region.

Iraqi Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako, the patriarch of the Chaldean Church, raised the alarm explaining that the world crisis and the ongoing war in Europe are having “a negative impact on the economic state of the Church in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon,” where the entire population is affected by unemployment, poverty or limitations in water and electricity services. 

“The economic resources of the dioceses are limited. The charities that helped us are now focusing their efforts on Ukraine. Donations and collections are very small, the offerings do not arrive, the rents of the buildings, already very low, are not paid regularly.”   

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