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Death Penalty and Divorce Issues

The reinstatement of the death penalty and the proposal for a divorce law are issues that challenge God’s message of love and justice for all. The Church reminds us of other ways to resolve these issues.

Two burning issues confront our country right now: death penalty and divorce.

The issue on death penalty divides us. Since heinous crimes such as rape and brutal killings related to drugs are rampant today, the state and a majority of citizens want punitive action on such crimes. They believe that the said barbaric acts deserve capital punishment. They also want to include plunder, which causes corruption, poverty, and sufferings, in the list of crimes punishable by death.

On the other hand, the Church and many of the faithful believe that imposing the death penalty to grave offenders is not the ultimate solution. The one who suffers is always the poor, they insist, due to the inefficiency of our justice system. Corrective action like imprisonment for offenders is what they want. They know that a person’s heart will change and if given a chance, sinners will repent, and be useful again to society. “Life is a precious gift given by God. He gives it. He alone can take it,” our faith so dictates. To take one’s life is not the answer if one commits grave sin against society; it is God’s call and justice,” they argue.  

The issue on divorce, like the death penalty, also haunts us. Husbands and wives suffering in poverty, lack of children, unfaithfulness, egos, individual differences, etc., are some reasons why one will leave his/her husband/wife. Men and women’s cravings for happiness and self-gratification are usually the reasons why they apply for divorce. 

Whatever the reasons are, according to the Church, said act is “an easy way out to create promiscuity, resulting into a permissive society, eroding its moral fiber.” “The divorce bill,” it adds, “is anti-family as it will lose the sanctity of marriage and create broken families; and anti-children as they will suffer emotionally, physically and mentally throughout their life.”  

Death penalty and divorce issues are hot topics today in the 18th Congress.  With so many congressmen and new senators sponsoring and pushing for the passage of said two bills, one believes that their approval will come handy and become law soon.

In these times of change and uncertainty, the basics like prayer should always be our guide in all things. A heart prompted by the spirit is needed to see the goodness of truth. The Church with its missio ad gentes (new evangelization) should continue to challenge God’s people to obey His laws, love Him dearly and always care for his neighbor. 

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