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ASIA: Catholic Nuns Saved 26,000 Women From Trafficking

As many as 26,065 women from Asia were rescued from human trafficking in 2021 by Talitha Kum, a Federation of Catholic nuns that is committed to combating and eradicating human trafficking.

“Prevention was the Asian networks’ priority. It was fostered through training and awareness-raising campaigns in schools, parishes, and local communities, targeting especially women, youth, religious, tribal communities, and migrant workers,” said Sr. Abby Avelino, director of Talitha Kum Asia.

Talitha Kum is a Rome-based international network of religious sisters dedicated to combatting and eradicating human trafficking. Talitha Kum Asia partners with 65 Catholic organizations, 56 NGOs, 18 national organizations, and 42 international government agencies. 

In the Asian region, Talitha Kum has 3,521 members from 205 women religious congregations in 20 countries. In 2021, Talitha Kum Asia provided care and support to 3,972 victims of human trafficking.  

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