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HONG KONG: Religious Freedom ‘Faces Great Danger’

Anglican priest and former UK cabinet minister, Jonathan Aitken, has called on the international community to scrutinize and act as religious freedom in Hong Kong faces dangerous threats from the destructive forces of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Aitken warned that “there are increasingly ominous signs” that religious freedom in Hong Kong is “next on the hit list by the destructive forces” of President Xi Jinping’s CCP regime.

Aitken said that “the skies are darkening for religious freedom in Hong Kong.” The imposition of the draconian National Security Law on Hong Kong two years ago has led to promised fundamental freedoms being “almost completely dismantled”.

Christians in mainland China now face the worst persecution since Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, he said, adding that persecution of Tibetan Buddhists, Falun Gong practitioners, and Hui Muslims has intensified.  

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