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The Day I Gained Back My Faith In Humanity

In these trying times of the pandemic, every day that we have is already more than enough reason to be thankful for. If we feel we are about to be sidetracked or derailed, remember to always count the blessings and miracles that we have in life.

Have you ever had dark times in your life that you almost wanted to give up?  I have.  Just when you thought things were going all right and then suddenly, it’s full of nights again. Not only that, I almost gave up on humanity. Why?  Because I felt so alone in my fight in this world. But guess what? I gained back my faith in humanity. Let me tell you how.  

I have always had good self-esteem. Not boastful and not arrogant. Good self-esteem to know my value, my worth.  But for quite a few years, with the onset of naysayers on social media who like to take out zings on other people, I became a victim.  

A big heavily tattooed man who appeared out of nowhere, breathing down on my neck loudly said to my ear: Baboy, saying I am a pig. Some people are still repeatedly dropping pangit whenever I was within earshot insinuating I am ugly. It did affect me. It came to a point when I would burst into tears out of the blue recalling their insulting words. 

Better Human
But you know what? I let myself be the better person. I did not stoop down to their level by acting immature like them by calling out names nor spurring hatred. Reminding myself of those who have given me the confidence to believe in myself since day one, I know that I possess beauty. In fact, my pride is that I have inherited the kind of beauty from my ancestors, morena Filipina beauty. 

As a freelance writer, I have written on varied topics, some get published while a lot don’t. Not knowing whether I was making a difference in someone’s life, I kept doing what I love which is to write and write. 

I had written on having good self-esteem that equates to self-love. Right after that, a father and his daughter were in the vicinity where I was. Quietly, I saw imprinted on her t-shirt “We need more self-love.” I hoped that was a good sign from God that indeed, through my own little ways with the talent that I have been blessed with, I am able to touch people’s lives and inspire them.  

One time, after running an errand, an impoverished young boy came up to me, begging. I did not want to hand out cash. But instead, seeing he was hungry, I asked him:  “Is it ok with you if I give you food instead of money?” Nodding his head, I quickly ordered a simple meal and a bottle of water for him. He gladly accepted the food. It made such a huge impact on me that not all people can be bought with money. There is still hope in this country.  

There was a street child who offered potholders for me to buy. Seeing his hard work, I got a set of his multi-colored potholders. I saw him running with a happy smile on his face having earned his daily living. Appreciation. 

Goodness In Others
Despite the hardships we are all facing with the virus crisis, humanity is able to appreciate the goodness that can be found in others. In this day and age, it is more common to be kayod tuka, meaning “if you don’t work, you don’t eat.”  The young boy was able to show me that people are able to see the good that can come out of these trying times.  

LGUs (Local Government Units) have been evicting squatters. They would justify a law “Against Professional Squatters and Squatting Syndicates” with Republic Act 7279 Urban Development and Housing Act Section 27-there is Republic Act 8368: Anti-Squatting Law Repeal Act of 1997.  

It’s still painful to see the way they are evicting people so inhumanely. A man was fighting for his karton (cardboard box) because it was his only means of survival where he got to sleep. The least they can do is find a decent place for them to transfer to first. 

Yet we still see people who are kind-hearted in volunteering to help out others. These are private citizens. Ana Patricia Non took to her own initiative establishing community pantries to feed the hungry. Her example of good deeds is now emulated. A chain reaction of kindness gets to be passed on.    

I have experienced a few delivery riders wherein something was lacking in the food we ordered.  For example, a free bottle of soda would go missing which is understandable, as a Corporal Work of Mercy, “to give drink to those who are thirsty.” But what I cannot forget is there is still honesty in this world. I had one peso change. The rider gave me my one peso change. I love saving coins so that meant so much with the one peso he gave me. 

Always remember to count each day the little miracles that come our way. 

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