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Holy Redeemer Guild

Support the Comboni Missionaries by being a part of the Holy Redeemer Guild. Its purpose is to foster spiritual communion with the missionaries, support the different missionary activities, and help in the formation of new missionaries.

What is the Holy Redeemer Guild?

With your offering, you share in the work of evangelization the Comboni Missionaries are doing in four continents.

The Comboni Missionaries assume the responsibility of celebrating a daily mass for all HRG members.

Every member receives a membership diploma which is renewable yearly.

If you want us to pray for your intentions,particularly for your deceased relatives, in a daily Mass, just enroll yourself in the Holy Redeemer Guild.

Sign up for the Holy Redeemer Guild

With a minimum annual offering of 265 Pesos or USD5.3 (both inclusive of a 5% service charge from the payment processor), you:

  • Entrust your deceased loved ones and your other intentions to our prayer. Moreover, a daily Mass will be offered for them.
  • Support the formation of new missionaries and our various missionary activities.
  • Membership is renewed yearly and all members receive a membership diploma.

In the Philippines

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