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We Are All Called To Be Saints!

In the month of November, we honor the saints. Let us remember that we are all called to holiness. All of us can become saints if we let God’s goodness and love shine through us.

Missions in the Modern World

All of us are missionaries by our Divine call to share God’s love with others in the concrete conditions we are in. We are reminded of this in a special way this October as we celebrate Mission Month and World Mission Sunday on October 23.

Integrative Education beyond the Classroom

A looming question is how could we make quality education more accessible to all, particularly to the impoverished? The government needs to make fast internet available to different parts of the country. It must also provide our teachers with better salaries.

Active Participation of the Poor

The Synodal way the Church is involved in at present emphasizes the importance of the voice of the poor in the Church and in society. How can the Church help them live out their dignity as children of God and reach out to them effectively?

Communities and Dioceses Fully Alive

The Uniteam of Bongbong and Sara won the recent elections in the Philippines despite the support that the rival camp Leni-Kiko received from religious and clergy personalities. One of the reasons why the Leni-Kiko tandem lost is that their messaging did not seem to resonate effectively to millions…

Responsible Social Media Engagement

Fake news has become easily accessible to undiscerning viewers. Malicious content creators have been using social media to twist facts and spread lies. Thus, authentic conversations on social media could happen only if all parties involved would work for the common good.

The Future of the Nation

With the impending national elections, Filipinos are called for to choose candidates who truly care for the people, are God-centered and honest. The synodal way can empower people to vote based on Christian values.

Parish Conversations

Parish conversations entail openness to conversion and change. Hence, it is important that our liturgical celebrations, particularly the Holy Eucharist, be translated into concrete reflections of God’s healing presence in our day-to-daylives.

Conversing With the Family

The invitation to experience synodality begins in our very own homes. Home and families are the preferential loci for exercising the art of mutual listening which is a requisite for the synodal process the Church is involved in at the moment.

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