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Openness to Life

Vocation is openness to life, for it is only the full acceptance of the gift of vocation that makes a person capable of changing the world.

The Limits and Possibilities of Vocation

Each one of us has received the gift of a specific vocation from God. However, our vocation depends on our choice to seek out and persevere on the path of discernment and vocational experience.

Generating Life in Abundance

The authentic realization of what we are and what we dream of being will allow us to generate life in abundance.

Companions on the Road

The discernment process will always go through a relationship with people who have already gone through the same thing as us, and who live the same dream.

Vocation is Non-Disposable

Vocation is always a gift for us and for others, a blessing that makes us walk in the construction of a more inclusive and fraternal world.

From Dream to Hope

To live the dream of vocation is to share hope, life, and mission. It implies uninstalling oneself, getting up, and taking concrete steps.

Living One’s Vocation in Freedom

The path of vocation is a path of liberation and discernment of one’s own personal freedom.

Conversion and Mission

Vocation has two-fold fundamental dimensions: on one hand, every vocation implies a personal conversion; on the other hand, a vocation is always linked to a mission (a vocation is never selfish, rather, it is always an act of love).

Dialogue As A Key To Discernment

Vocational accompaniment, which is done without fear through dialogue and prayer, seeks to meet with what the person is and what he/she longs to be. Here, the will of God and the human will coincide.

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