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Mission is Fun

As humor and goodness of heart are qualities of Christian and missionary life, the new column “Mission is fun” will be publishing some anecdotes and stories that have happened in a missionary context to lighten up the spirits and trigger a smile in our faces.   

The Decisive Clue

Cheeky Dog!

The Good Forger

Tourists from Lima, Peru, who go down to the selva (bush) are hungry for souvenirs to take home.

Language Challenges

Fr. Jorge arrived at Waterval Mission, Mpumalanga in South Africa at a mature age. In his first years in the mission, he made a great effort to learn the Northern Sotho language of Sepedi and he reached a certain level of proficiency, which allowed him to celebrate Mass and even to preach in Sepedi.

Lonely Victim of the Earthquake

In the community of Monterrico, in Peru, Fr. Peter–the name of our protagonist–is well known for his fine hearing and light sleep. Both qualities are most useful in this seismic zone of the Pacific.

The Rain Dance

Fr. Tarcisio Pazzaglia has always believed in the usefulness of mass media in catechesis. Over time, he brought himself up-to-date and, with his video camera, filmed cleverly and tastefully recreated scenes that mediated messages of belief and morality.

A Merciful Trap on the Road

I went to celebrate Mass in the chapel of Nyele, Duru (north of the Democratic Republic of Congo), where the Garamba National Park begins. After the Mass, I took my way back to the parish with a bicycle, the portable altar on the luggage rack, and the Eucharist for the sick around my neck.

Skillful as the Best Thief

One day, three police officers came to Comboni College to ask a favor from Fr. De Bertolis, our superior.

A Strange Supper

A Brother prepared soup for the two priests who were coming back from the outstations. As they delayed, he went to visit a family for a chat.

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