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Touching The Heart

Happy New YOU!

Let us start our 2023 journey on the right foot by being grateful to our loving and merciful God who never stops loving us. Let us be resolute by relying on prayer as the companion in our journey.

Pope Francis: ‘Please be pacifists’

During an inflight press conference the Holy Father requested journalists to be pacifists. Pacifism does not mean lying down and allowing brutal aggressors to kill and destroy. Quite the contrary! Pacifism means commitment to limit and even stop armed aggression.

Lonely Victim of the Earthquake

In the community of Monterrico, in Peru, Fr. Peter–the name of our protagonist–is well known for his fine hearing and light sleep. Both qualities are most useful in this seismic zone of the Pacific.

Setting Out on a Journey

To live one’s vocation is always synonymous with uninstallation, leaving, going out, searching, setting out on a journey, and meeting.

From Generation To Generation God Speaks

The God of the Bible reveals Himself to people: Abraham, Moses, Elijah. The peak of God’s revelation is when the Word became flesh in Jesus Christ.

Don’t Be a Bully!

Those who bully like instilling fear or humiliation on others. How would you like it if somebody likes taunting you and saying hurtful words to you? Worse, they might even physically harm you and psychologically affect you in the long run.

Mounting Inequality Makes Us Rethink

Profit-making ethics controls every dimension of human life. The concepts of duty, reliability, and transparency are described in contract terms. Thus, workers are reduced to slavery unable to own a land, a decent housing, and even afford food. It is time to rethink!

Journeying with Pope Francis

Pope Francis, elected as the 266th pontiff in 2013, is now in his tenth year of service. Enriching the Church, his insights cover a broad range of topics, including climate change, migrants, interfaith dialogue, mercy, liturgy, and the rediscovery of the Second Vatican Council.

Africa Awaits Pope Francis in 2023

The Pope has always spoken of the need to go to the peripheries, and at the beginning of the year, he will be doing just that by visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. Pope Francis will be taking a message of peace and reconciliation to both countries.

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