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Where There is Pain, There is God

Human beings will never understand why suffering exists, admits the priest and theologian Robin Ryan but concludes: “Even in the midst of our pain, there is God.”

Why Did Jesus Suffer and Die?

The suffering and death of Jesus was the consequence of His radical Incarnation and insertion into the whole human condition, and of His deep desire to transform that human condition according to the…

A Source of Unlimited Energy

Faith turns misfortunes into occasions of blessing and thanksgiving. Surprisingly, sufferings open our eyes to unnoticed realities, provide new motivations, and supply new energies.

Missionaries Travelling Light

The Comboni Lay Missionary follows Christ going out of his/her comfort zone, travels light and accompanies people and communities. His or her gaze is fixed on the poor of whom St. Daniel Comboni…

Women in Filipino Society and Church

The prominent role of women was ushered in by the rise of the laity in the Church brought about by Vatican II. In the Philippines, lay people took the lead in social transformation, opening up new…

A Force for Good in Society

Pope Francis says that the greatest challenge for Christians is to plant Christian values in the social, political and economic sectors in view of transforming society. The author gives out…

We Can’t Return To ‘Normal’

The fifth anniversary of Laudato Si’ occurs in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic that has infected millions and killed thousands of citizens. This global event is an invitation to a profound…

Have We Listened To The Plea To Care For The Earth?

Five years after the publication of Laudato Si’, one easily finds examples across the world of individual Catholics, parishes and institutions responding to the pope’s own repeated appeal for…

Five Years After Laudato Si’, What Has Changed?

This year the Church is celebrating the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis’ groundbreaking encyclical on Care of Our Common Home, Laudato Si’. In this article, lecturer Peter Knox assesses the…

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