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Kaligayahan Ng Pagkatao

On The Road Again!

The ancient Silk Road that linked China to Central Asia and the Arab world, giving access to Europe, might be back. The Chinese authorities aim to create the world’s largest platform for economic,…

Khartoum: Where He Left His Heart

Fr. Daniel Comboni was only 28 when he entered the city of Khartoum on his way to Holy Cross, his first mission. Sick and exhausted, he returned to Europe the following year but he “left there his…

Silver at the DCS!

Fr. Ignacio Marin from Costa Rica, current Rector and Formator at the Daniel Comboni Seminary (DCS), celebrates on August 29 his 25th anniversary of priestly ordination. He worked in Uganda, Costa…

Jemboy Caspis: A Gift to the Missionary Church

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