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Jemboy Caspis: A Gift to the Missionary Church

The Christian community of Holy Cross Parish, in Kacheliba, Kenya, celebrated joyfully the religious consecration of a young Filipino man, Jemboy Caspis, who has been serving in this community for one year.

On Friday, April 7, Jemboy Caspis, professed his perpetual vows before Fr. Tesfaye, General Superior of the Comboni Missionaries, in the presence of Fr. Austin (Provincial Superior of Kenya) in a celebration presided by Fr. David Domingues (Delegate Superior of Asia). Many Comboni Missionaries who are serving in the Pokot Zone, in the northern west region of the country, and others from the different communities also joined the celebration in gratitude for the perpetual consecration of Jemboy.

The following day, April 8, the Christian community of Holy Cross Parish in Kacheliba came together for the diaconate ordination of Jemboy. The celebration was presided by the Most Reverend Maurice Crowly, Bishop of Kitale. It started at 8a.m. with a procession from the Tapadany Christian Community, where the adoptive family of Jemboy (Mr. Peter Sakal and Mrs. Magdalene Sakal) lives. 

Dancing and chanting, they brought Jemboy to the grounds of Holy Cross Parish where a stage was set to accommodate all under the shade of the trees for the more than three-hour celebration, attended also by representatives from the neighboring parishes of Pokot and Karamoja areas. Priests and Sisters from different religious groups were also present.

A festive program followed the Eucharistic celebration where the different small Christian communities of the parish presented their gifts and greetings to Jemboy through dances and songs. The celebration lasted until evening. It was a full day of joyous celebration in gratitude to the Lord and to St. Daniel Comboni for the great gift of missionary vocation given to Jemboy.

At the end of the day, people’s hearts were filled with joy, for one of their ‘adopted’ sons has offered his life to serve the Lord as member of the Comboni Missionaries. 

Jemboy is the second Comboni missionary from Asia who has been adopted and brought to the diaconate in this Christian community of Kacheliba. The first one was Fr. Moises Albarina who is now serving in Vietnam.  

Our heartfelt gratitude to the Comboni Community of Kacheliba, particularly to  Frs. John Bliss, Local Superior, and Eutiquio Mula, Parish Priest, himself a native of the Philippines.

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