The Joy of Love

December 2016

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Discerning family situations

Pastors are to avoid judgments that do not take into account the complexity of various situations, and they are to be attentive, by necessity, to how people experience and endure distress.

WM Special

Filipino families in the light of Amoris Laetitia

Looking at the situation of families in the Philippines, Bishop Gilbert Garcera draws valid teachings from Amoris Laetitia that offer some responses in dealing with family issues. Parishes, dioceses and pastoral agents are encouraged to implement programs for families, as proposed by the papal document.

WM Special

Pasko in the Philippines

One of the two Christian nations in Asia, it is no wonder Christmas is the biggest holiday in the Philippines. Get to see how Filipinos celebrate Christmas through the eyes of two young fathers.

WM Special

The great imbalance

After four decades of one-child policy in China, 400 million pregnancies have been terminated, men now outnumber women and the old are becoming more numerous than the young. Recently, a two-child policy has been put in place to correct these effects but it remains to be seen if balance and harmony will ever be restored.


War on drugs: A challenge to the Catholic Church

The Church leadership and the People of God in the Philippines are facing the stark moral realities of the government’s violent war on drugs. They are called upon to take a stand and speak out. They are also called to reach out to those drug dependents who are in danger of being shot dead and in need of healing and help.

Filipino Focus

Heal, not kill

As the death toll of drug-related killings continue to rise following the new administration’s war on drugs, some Church leaders have come forward offering better solutions. Filipino priests and bishops are opening parish doors to drug offenders to provide immediate and long-term rehabilitation.


A matter of kindness

The parable of the Good Samaritan embodies universal values of compassion and generosity shared by peoples from all walks of life. Here, below, is a heartwarming story of how the Gospel narrative is lived out by human beings, even without knowing.

In Focus

The night before Christmas

In Ghana, all hopes for a festive celebration of the birth of the Child Jesus were dashed off when, on the night before Christmas, soldiers attacked a village, taking away boys and girls. In spite of this tragic event, the expected birth of a baby turned suffering into hope and we still celebrated Christmas. This is how it happened.

Extraordinary People

A missionary doctor

Inspired by his Christian faith, Francis Canova (1908-1998) founded in 1950 the NGO “Doctors with Africa,” the largest Italian enterprise in favor of the health condition of the people of that continent, responsible for sending to Africa more than 1,400 voluntary doctors and other health workers.

The Searcher's Path

The wife of the evangelist

In the heart of the Advent period, which leads us to Christmas, we also celebrate, on December 8, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the very special conception of a life with a singular destiny. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the ideal missionary who offers the world the Infant Son of God.

Strategies for Evangelization

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