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By Fr. Antonio Carlos | Editor

Pope Francis dreams of a Church that is “completely missionary.” By virtue of baptism, Christians are missionaries in the power of the Holy Spirit to the ends of the earth.

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In This Issue

The Catechist in the Asian Context

Without the strong faith and generous service of lay catechists over many centuries, the Church in Asia would not be the living presence it is today in this vast continent of over four billion people.

Answering the Call of Catechesis

Catechesis comes from the Greek word meaning “to echo the teaching.” A young religious educator who is passionate about teaching the faith shares his journey of discernment.

Catechist for Almost 50 Years

Catechists are a hidden but essential face of the proclamation of the Gospel in Asia. Patrash Soren, 72, is an example of that. He goes from village to village, preaching and preparing children and…

St. Pedro Calungsod, a Patron for Catechists

Born in the Philippines, Pedro Calungsod eventually traveled to Guam, U.S. territory, as a young missionary. Calungsod is the patron saint of Filipino youth and a prime example of a catechist who was…

The Church is All Missionary

Pope Francis dreams of a Church that is “completely missionary.” By virtue of baptism, Christians are missionaries in the power of the Holy Spirit to the ends of the earth.

The Insanity of Possessing Nuclear Weapons

If within the next 10 years, if within the next year, if within the next 30 minutes, the ravages of nuclear war are unleashed upon humanity–murdering billions of people, inflicting excruciating…

Missions in the Modern World

All of us are missionaries by our Divine call to share God’s love with others in the concrete conditions we are in. We are reminded of this in a special way this October as we celebrate Mission Month…

A Life’s Vocation

World Teacher’s Day is celebrated on October 5. It is the time when we give honor to teachers who have become pillars of the second home of children in their school of learning.

Evangelizing Through Art

In South Africa, a Filipino Comboni missionary is developing his painting skills and is engaging in social media platforms to announce God’s love for humanity. “I use the artworks to express my own…

A Persecuted Church

Faced with an escalation of repression, the Church continues to use its parishes and pulpits in defense of the oppressed. For this, it is paying a high price with continuous harassment of spiritual…

Welcoming and Gratuitousness

The response to the arrival of migrants is summarized in four words: welcome, protect, promote, and integrate. This approach creates a dynamism of love uniting all people through authentic…

The Power of Imagination

Saint Ignatius exhorts the people in the retreat to use their imagination in order to stand inside the Gospel narratives of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

A Merciful Trap on the Road

I went to celebrate Mass in the chapel of Nyele, Duru (north of the Democratic Republic of Congo), where the Garamba National Park begins. After the Mass, I took my way back to the parish with a…

World Touch

WOMEN: ‘Keep Listening To The Cry Of The Poor, Planet’

A global leader for Catholic women invited the Catholic Women’s League-Philippines to keep walking the path of social and environmental respect. Speaking before CWL members in Metro Manila, María Lía…

MIDDLE EAST: “Alarming” Exodus Of Christians

The world economic crisis and the global situation marked by the Russian military invasion in Ukraine are having serious effects on the network of charitable and social works promoted by the Churches…

PHILIPPINES: Over 700 Catholic Schools Shuttered After Pandemic

At least 860 out of 14,000 private schools have shut their doors permanently in the Philippines, many citing financial constraints due to the pandemic. The Philippine Education Department opened a…

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: Fil-Am Nun Is New Leader Of Anti-Human Trafficking Network

A Filipino-American nun has assumed the leadership of Talitha Kum, a worldwide network of religious nuns against human trafficking. Sr. Aurea “Abby” Avelino (in photo) of the Maryknoll Sisters of St.…

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