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By Fr. Antonio Carlos | Editor

Nine years in the making by a Council of Cardinals headed by Pope Francis, the new Constitution places evangelization at the heart of the Church’s mission and her central structures of government.

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Inequality Kills

The wealth of the world’s ten richest men has doubled since the pandemic began whereas the incomes of 99% of humanity are worse off because of COVID-19. Widening economic, gender, and racial…

A Christian Fraternal Invitation to Equity

Few people have been enriched at the expense of the many who pay income tax. This reveals a particularly un-Christian manner of engaging in economic activity. Christian Tradition offers an authentic…

A “Golden-Mouth” for Today’s Economics

John’s eloquent and uncompromising preaching earned him the name Chrysostom–“golden mouth.” He supported the side of justice during periods of uprising, believed in solidarity with the poor, and…

The Church Must Always Be Reformed

Nine years in the making by a Council of Cardinals headed by Pope Francis, the new Constitution places evangelization at the heart of the Church’s mission and her central structures of government.

Disarming our hearts, disarming the world

Our world is awash with both conventional and nuclear weapons. It is one of the largest businesses in the planet. Let us urge our national and international leaders to work toward building a world…

Responsible Social Media Engagement

Fake news has become easily accessible to undiscerning viewers. Malicious content creators have been using social media to twist facts and spread lies. Thus, authentic conversations on social media…

Catholicism and Taiwan

Taiwan has shown how society can benefit when ethnic and religious diversities are acknowledged and human rights are upheld.

Let’s Celebrate Father’s Day

Father’s Day is not only an occasion but a call to celebrate life’s vocation. To become a father is a huge responsibility. God has blessed men with this calling of fatherhood by entrusting the lives…

Talking Truth to Power that Exploits the Poor

Today, as in the time of Jesus of Nazareth, political power structures dominate peoples so as to further their status and increase their wealth. Only lifestyle changes, political consciousness, and…

A Better World for All

Universal fraternity and social friendship is delayed because of the throwaway culture, the inequality in the practice of human rights, and the globalization and progress without a shared roadmap. It…

Essential Opening to Love

The fruit of the first week of the Spiritual Exercises is named by Ignatius as Indifference. The meaning is not lack of interest but inner spiritual freedom.

Smell the Scent of the Flowers!

A few years ago, two Comboni Missionaries, Fr. Joseph and Fr. Stefano, went to Damascus to study Arabic before going to work in Sudan. After leaving their luggage at the Armenian Patriarchate, they…

World Touch

UKRAINE: War Will Mean High Food And Energy Prices

The war in Ukraine will result in expensive food and energy for the next three years, the World Bank has warned, intensifying fears that the global economy is heading for a rerun of the weak growth…

COMBONI MISSIONARIES: Beatification Of Venerable Comboni Missionary

The ceremony of beatification of the venerable Fr. Giuseppe Ambrosoli (in image) will take place on November 20, 2022, Christ the King’s Feast, in Kalongo, Uganda, where he spent much of his…

SOUTH SUDAN: Pope’s Visit Decisive In Bringing Peace

The President of South Sudan Salva Kiir (R) and his deputy Riek Machar (L) have signed an agreement that provides for the unification of the command of security forces.

PHILIPPINES: The Country With Highest Number Of Baptisms

The Philippines has remained the leading country with the most Catholic baptisms in 2020. The Philippines had 1.6 million newly baptized Catholics in 2020, followed by Mexico which recorded 1.53…

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