European Migrant Crisis

September 2016

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Less human

The Church has warned, several times, about the dire consequences of this strategy and denounced the killings, defending the rule of law and due process for the suspects.

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Small, yet leading by example

While Portugal has more than doubled its quota to accommodate refugees, other E.U. countries are building fences and sealing off Europe’s internal borders. A deal with Turkey to secure this closure has been criticized as a moral failure.

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From torment to miracle

Europe is facing a refugee crisis of historic proportions. Since 2015, more than one million people crossed the Mediterranean, fleeing war and persecution. Among the immigrants is the Darwish family. An example of resilience, courage and hope.

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Refugees and foreigners in the Bible

Concern for justice towards the poor and the vulnerable, such as widows and orphans, foreigners and refugees, is at the heart of God’s covenant with His people. Jesus reaches out to the marginalized of His time, including foreigners, with whom He found hospitality.


Nine-year-olds could be hanged

About two months ago, the new speaker of the Philippine House of Representatives filed two bills that will lower the age of criminal liability for children in conflict with the law—from fifteen to nine years old—and reintroduce the death penalty by hanging. It is not likely but the implications are that children and teenagers could, according to the proposed laws, face the death penalty.

Filipino Focus

The blind visionary

Being born sans material wealth is challenging enough yet being born deprived of senses is way tougher. But for someone who was born blind, Ronnel del Rio grew up teeming with vision. What he lacks in eyesight, he makes up with will power.

In Focus

Little Gandhi

A retired dentist’s commitment to do volunteer work for the poorest of society has brought him to some of the neediest countries. His latest journey took him to India, where he served in a clinic and met a boy whom he called the “Little Gandhi.”

Extraordinary People

Dean Jerry

This is how Jeremias U. Montemayor (1923-2002) was usually called since he was the first graduate of Ateneo Law School to become its dean. Born in a landed family, he sacrificed his position as dean to embrace the cause of the farm workers. He started with them the Federation of Free Farmers in 1953.

The Searcher's Path

A man for the present

The feast of St. Matthew has been celebrated, for a long time, on September 21. His vocation to be part of the group of the Twelve causes some wonder, given his social and religious background, but this unusual character makes him a figure for today.

Strategies for Evangelization

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