Judaism and Christian Faith

November 2017

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Spiritual poverty as an attitude

Poverty, according to Pope Francis’ letter for the World Day of the Poor, is understood as humility, sharing of life and an ‘’interior attitude that avoids looking upon money, career and luxury as our goal in life and the condition for our happiness.”

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Israel’s pride

The Law is the content of the covenant between God and the chosen people. The Law is their great wealth, the reason for their glory in front of all the other nations. The heart of the Law is love: the Torah is their object of meditation, prayer, love and contemplation. In the New Testament, Jesus is the New Law.

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The throne of God’s presence

When David wanted to build a temple, God was reluctant to accept: heaven is his dwelling and the earth his footstool. But Yahweh overlooked his transcendence and entered history – first the ark and the tabernacle, next the temple, were then symbols of His presence among His people. In the fullness of time, Jesus’ flesh is the real throne of God’s Presence.


America’s fatal obsession with guns

With 59 people shot dead, and over 526 injured during a music festival in Las Vegas last October, the gun control debate is once again reignited. Sectors of society are calling for stiffer legislation and yet Congress refuses to act. Powerful gun lobbies thwart any move at legislating gun control.

Filipino Focus

A gold for Philippine theater

PETA marked a milestone in its long career recently. As the theater company celebrates its 50th year, it was given the prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award. Find out what made this organization worthy of such an award.


Love can change the world

November 19 has been declared by Pope Francis as the first World Day of the Poor. This is to make us reflect that the only way to uplift the lives of the poor is to see them as Jesus Christ sees them, as a brother, a sister. We are invited to share what we have with those who are marginalized.

Extraordinary People

Poet, mystic, martyr

Good looking, well educated, upper middle class Englishman who subsequently became a Catholic John Bradburne (1921-1979), fought as an officer during World War II. He was a restless traveler until he settled in a lepers’ camp in Africa. There he served, prayed and wrote poetry. There he suffered martyrdom. His fame of holiness has steadily increased.

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Jesus’ supreme moment

All the four Gospels describe the last moments of Jesus’ life. But only the evangelist John tells us about a surprise meeting at the foot of the cross: Mary, the apostle John and some women from Galilee are there to experience with Jesus the supreme moment of His life and mission.

Life's Essentials

Connecting with millennials

Millennials are technology and electronic natives who increasingly spend their time online, comfortably dealing with social networks. It is the generation that has received much attention and pampering from parents. Here is how you can relate to them at home or at work.

Strategies for Evangelization

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