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September 2017

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The “treasures” of the Church

From a Christian perspective, the strategy to tackle the drugs scourge should address the root causes, namely, poverty, unemployment and destitution. It is time that the drug plague be dealt with as a health and social problem, and not only as a criminal one.

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Called to protect human life

The Catholic Church believes in the sanctity and intrinsic value of human life based on the belief that life is a gift from God. For this reason, life is sacred and must be protected. The Church is concerned with the life of every person, especially those who are weak and vulnerable.

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Justice and mercy in a balance

While some biblical texts and the traditional teaching of the Church endorse capital punishment as a deterrent and safeguard of the common good, contemporary Church pronouncements emphasize the dignity of the offender as a child of God and oppose death penalty.

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Church versus extrajudicial killings

As the bloody campaign against illegal drugs and crime continues under the present administration, the Church in the Philippines is addressing the mounting mortality by establishing community-based drug rehabilitation programs as a form of compassionate care and systematic intervention in order to reduce those who are being killed.


Clerical abuse of children, a case to answer

The recent arrest of a Catholic clergy for allegedly trafficking a 13-year-old minor highlights the scandal of clerical child abuse that is shameful and sinful for the Church. Child victims need help, therapy or a chance for justice for having been raped and sexually molested and trafficked.

Filipino Focus

Shepherding drug users

Sr. Nenet Daño, a Good Shepherd sister and licensed social worker, has passionately undertaken the task of helping drug users and pushers, in an attempt to protect them from imminent death following the government’s war on drugs. Here is Sr. Nenet’s heartbreaking story of her mission to help the victims of the anti-drug campaign.


Waiting for nothing

Doing mission work cannot be defined by mere words. In a small city of Nyala, in Sudan, a Comboni missionary discovered what evangelization is all about. He learned about it from the strangest source, a source shunned by many. Yet, his eyes were suddenly opened, and he came to realize that God’s messenger can come in various unexpected and unheralded forms.

Extraordinary People

An outstanding Christian politician

Family man and daily communicant, Alcide De Gasperi (1881-1954) courageously led the Italian delegation at the Paris Peace Conference that concluded World War II in 1946 and guided Italy’s reconstruction as Prime Minister. He is one of the fathers of the European Union. His cause for beatification was introduced in 1993.

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Disciples at the feet of the Master

The joy of living, the capacity to receive and to be a gift for others are renewed in the encounter with Christ and in listening to His Word; it is at the feet of the Master that the mission is renewed, purifying the dynamism of service and spreading the scent of life.

Life's Essentials

Flexible workspaces

Work takes eight to 10 hours of our day. The workplace therefore can positively or negatively impact our wellbeing. Today as wellness has become a crucial factor in selecting jobs, companies need to pay attention to the desire for enhanced and innovative workspaces.

Strategies for Evangelization

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