Persecution of Christians in Asia

March 2018

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Solidarity with Persecuted Christians

The Lenten season is an optimal time to be in spiritual and material solidarity with the millions of followers of Jesus Christ enduring hardships because of their faith.

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The Martyrdom of Catholics in China

After the communist party assumed power in China (October 1, 1949), the authorities unleashed a season of persecution and suffering against Catholics, both foreign missionaries and local clergy, religious and faithful. It was the time of the most violent persecution.

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Discrimination Against Christians

The panorama of Christian communities across Asia does not present a coherent picture to the outside observer, and the persecution of Christians is varied in these countries. It is difficult to generalize, except within national boundaries.

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Francis Van Thuan: Hero of Faith

Imprisoned in Vietnam for 13 years, nine of them in solitary confinement, Cardinal Francis Van Thuan represents the resilience and fidelity of Catholics who suffered persecution because of their faith. Last year, Pope Francis recognized his heroic virtues placing him on the road to sainthood.


What Would Jesus Do?

In an era of what Pope Francis calls the “globalization of indifference,” there is urgent need for a new paradigm which we encounter in the Gospel of Jesus. His words and actions give us guidance on how to respond to the challenges facing our world.

WM Reports

Faith Heals

In 1978, Dr. Edgardo Santos suffered a near-fatal heart attack that changed him forever. My father is living proof that religious faith can heal not just the spirit but the body as well

In Focus

The Five Ways of Penance

The call to repentance and penance is central to the Gospel message and to the Lenten season we are in. The Fathers of the Church give us these five wise teachings of doing penance.


Hope for a Renewed World

Hope is a necessary virtue in our pilgrimage on earth. It is by hope that we are saved and find the source of energy to live with faith and passion. In a world permeated by pessimism, God gives His children one more chance for conversation and salvation.

Extraordinary People

Pioneer of Catholic Social Doctrine

Italian economist and political theorist, university professor, family man and father of seven, Joseph Toniolo (1845-1918) became known for his work with Pope Leo XIII on the landmark encyclical Rerum Novarum. Toniolo is the first economist ever beatified by the Catholic Church.

One By One

Her Own Decision

This is the story of someone who, after having listened to the Gospel and being touched by it, took the decision to be baptized. The neophyte experienced that the Church is the place where freedom is enhanced, not eliminated.

Follow Me

A Life-Changing Experience

Vocation, like life, is a path marked by stages, successes and failures. The decisive moment is always the unforeseen encounter with God, in which love rescues us from selfishness, calls us and sends us to our brothers and sisters on a mission of salvation.

Increase Our Faith

The Fruits of Healing

A truly joyful person is one who leads a God-centered and meaningfully integrated life. It is a good practice to periodically check ourselves regarding where we are in our life’s journey. Spending some quiet time to seek enlightenment from the Holy Spirit is a worthwhile endeavor.

Strategies for Evangelization

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