The Gospel of Life

July 2020

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From Lockdown to Mission

After a two-month-and-a-half experience of lockdown, we are urged to go out renewed with new life. We do not go out of the quarantine just to return to the usual way of doing things.

WM Special

Threats to Life and Signs of Hope

The Philippines’ distinctly “pro-life” culture is facing challenges from ideologies and governments imposing contraception, abortion, euthanasia and the execution of offenders. And yet, groups of Catholics are resisting this “culture of death” by defending the sanctity of life.

WM Special

How to Divorce-Proof your Children’s Marriages

A husband and father to nine children with experience in parenting education and marriage preparation, the author offers tips to parents, young people and engaged couples on how to prepare for marriage within a family setup that easily resorts to divorce.

WM Special

How Abortion Activists Are Exploiting the Pandemic

As societies around the world cope with the spread of Covid-19, pro-abortion activists in various continents, especially North America and Europe, have been trying to use the coronavirus pandemic to demand easier access to abortions.


Fragile People Living on a Fragile Planet

Protecting the environment is not just an ecological concern but also a social one. The impact we have on the earth, similar to how the coronavirus pandemic affected our lives, does not only influence the environment but also human lives.


Did God Send Covid-19?

Did God send Covid-19? Should we even ask that question? God is greater than we have words to express.

In Focus

A Saint and His Family

Unshakable faith in the Lord, devotion to Mary, the spirit of sacrifice, and the commitment to one’s neighbor, even at the risk of one’s own life–Karol Wojtyła encountered all those characteristics in his own family that were then developed in his own life, and in an extraordinary way, in his Pontificate.

Living Communion

Ready to Die for One Another?

Our love for God and neighbor can’t just be personal. It can only reach its fullness when it becomes mutual, or reciprocal. Jesus’ new commandment impels us to love one another without putting limits.


Honor Your Father and Your Mother

In a world where the traditional and stable family structure made up of husband, wife and children tends to disappear or be perceived as old-fashioned, the fourth Commandment stands as the privileged means for the Church to answer God’s invitation to act in order to save the family.

Winds of the Spirit

The “Preacher in Blue Jeans”

Bo Sanchez gave his first talk when he was 13 and has not stopped preaching since then. He is the founder of the lay movement “Light of Jesus Family” and its growing cluster of initiatives about Mission, Media and Mercy.

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Youth is Gift and Grace

Vocational discernment is a way that allows us to discover our vocation, which is God’s gift for us and the world in which we live.

Bridge Builders

The Accompaniment Ministry

Depressive disorders contribute more and more to non-fatal health loss and sometimes lead to suicide. To address these social issues, many parishes set up the accompaniment ministry as a response to the invitation of Jesus to be instruments of His hope and His healing love to others.

Strategies for Evangelization

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