Suffering Source of Energy

November 2020

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Fratelli Tutti, A Prophetic Vision

Among the various suggestions Fratelli Tutti puts forward, including the rejection of the death penalty, the idea of a global fund to combat hunger appears as a prophetic vision.

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A Source of Unlimited Energy

Faith turns misfortunes into occasions of blessing and thanksgiving. Surprisingly, sufferings open our eyes to unnoticed realities, provide new motivations, and supply new energies.

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Why Did Jesus Suffer and Die?

The suffering and death of Jesus was the consequence of His radical Incarnation and insertion into the whole human condition, and of His deep desire to transform that human condition according to the mind of a God of mercy.

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Where There is Pain, There is God

Human beings will never understand why suffering exists, admits the priest and theologian Robin Ryan but concludes: “Even in the midst of our pain, there is God.”


What About All of the Other Sufferings?

The global novel coronavirus pandemic and the race to find a vaccine are commanding the attention of everyone. But what about all the other sufferings humanity is enduring? We must avoid the temptation of indifference by nurturing a sense of solidarity with each other.


The Pope’s Idea of Solidarity

Pope Francis has made solidarity one of the foundations of his pontificate and his new encyclical Fratelli Tutti is sure to be one of the most important texts on this theme.


10 Things about the Newest Encyclical

On the feast of St. Francis of Assisi (October 4), the Holy Father has released a new encyclical letter, addressed to all men and women of goodwill. Here are 10 things you need to know about that letter.

Filipino Focus

Priest Endeavors To Save Planet

When he is not busy in his ministry, Fr. Roneil Canillas travels around Eastern Samar to take photos of birds, which he calls “indicators of our environment’s integrity.”

Living Communion

Mary: Our Model of Perfection and Communion

Mary’s life and faith, though wrought with many difficulties, is the ultimate surrender and commitment to God. Let us follow her example in our daily lives.

Winds of the Spirit

Five Loves

Love for Christ, love for Mary, love for souls, love for the Church, and love for the Pope: these five loves embrace the spirituality of the International Catholic Movement Regnum Christi, a kind of special force for the mission of the Catholic Church in the world.

Follow Me

We Are a Mission

In vocation, the missionary dimension is always present. We are a mission. Therefore, we put ourselves at the service of all those we love, those around us and even those who live beyond borders.

Bridge Builders

Dialogue: The Great Bridge Builder

There are many different perspectives of the Truth in the world. In order to bridge these differences, we must humbly open our hearts and minds to have proper dialogue.

Strategies for Evangelization

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