St. Joseph Creative Father

June 2021

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The Pandemic of Religious Violence

The assaults on the lives of two missionaries bespeak of a growing tide of religious violence concomitant to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The Saint We Need In This Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic that claimed many lives and continues to overwhelm the whole world, has obliged many people to live isolated and hidden. Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus who lived a hidden life, is more than ever the patron saint we need in these trying times.

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A Creative Father

Saint Joseph, “the just man” as the Gospel calls him, embraced God’s plan even though it was difficult to understand. He accepted Mary as his wife and protected the child Jesus in a creative way. He is a model of faith.

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An Inspiration for a Dignified Life

St. Joseph, who cared for his family through his work, is a source of inspiration for anyone who advocates for a dignified life. Inspired by the Saint, Brother Alberto shares his experience in Nairobi with slum dwellers in their struggle for dignified life.


God Loves Us

From God’s self-giving in Jesus Christ, we must understand and feel that God really loves us. In return, we should ask ourselves, do we also love Him? If so, how much?

Unity in Diversity

Facing Calamities Together

Amidst an upsurge of COVID-19 cases, many people are venting their frustration and crying out to God. In these times, we need true servant leadership. In his recent visit to war-torn Iraq, Pope Francis urged citizens to work harmoniously so as to overcome the calamities facing the world.


Keeping Faith in Challenging Times

Following the end of World War II with the Japanese surrender in late 1945, the local Church launched a variety of initiatives that gave birth to important institutions and promoted the involvement of the laity.


Thy Kingdom Come

The ‘Kingdom of God’ is a reality in the making, not yet fulfilled. It is God’s Spirit in action in the world, growing like a seed without being noticed. Christians pray that this Kingdom may expand ever more and reach its fulfilment at the end of time.

Filipino Focus

The Most Distinguished Legacy

Christianity has spread education everywhere. The University of Santo Tomas (UST), the first university of its kind in Asia, the Ateneo de Manila, La Salle, San Beda and many others, have been and are part of the life of the Philippines as a nation.

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Vocation in Times of Pandemic

In the context of the pandemic, there can be reasons for giving up the path of vocational discernment. However, today we are also challenged to make decisions, setting foot on the path with perseverance, humility and responsibility.

Mission is Fun

Profession of Faith in a Plane

Have you ever had to swear that Jesus Christ is risen? I had to. Returning from vacation on the plane between Rome and Cairo, I got a seat next to a little girl who was travelling alone. The steward sat her down and made sure she had a plastic bag around her neck in which her ticket and passport could be seen. They brought dinner; we ate in silence, but I realised that the little girl wanted to talk, so I gave her a chance.

In Focus

Feast of St. John the Baptist

Communities throughout the Philippines rejoice on the feast day of St. John the Baptist (June 24) by splashing everybody on the street with buckets of water. Aside from the usual dousing with water, Filipinos feast on lechon and have a mud parade, water party and grand boat parade.

Strategies for Evangelization

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