Youth's Commitment to a better Economy

February 2023

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A Humble Worker in the Lord’s Vineyard

He presented himself to the world, after his election as Pope, as a “simple and humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord.” He combined intellectual brilliance with humility, vigilance and constant prayer.

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Economic Outlook for 2023

How inflation will evolve will be one of the topics to follow in 2023. With or without a recession, economic growth will slow down. The war in Ukraine and other wars around the world will be influential in the economy of 2023. And the ethical appraisal of economic regimes will continue in the public debate.

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Addressing Inequality in the Philippines

To overcome inequality of income and wealth in the Philippines, a recent report from the World Bank recommends healing the pandemic’s scars and building resilience; inclusive recovery, and the reduction of inequality of opportunity.

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Becoming Free of Poverty

Policies that support employment and workers, raise education quality and improve access, boost rural development, and strengthen social protection can reduce inequality, thus enhancing the Filipino people’s chances for improving their well-being.

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A New Soul to the Economy

Young economists and Pope Francis signed a pact to improve the global economy to better the lives of all people as a result of The Economy of Francesco event in Assisi. Topping the list of priorities is “an economy of peace and not war.”


The Power of Women to Change their World

There is hope that women and children victims of violence and sexual abuse can change their world by fighting back for justice. The #MeToo movement gave a greater chance for women and children to fight back by bringing their abusers to justice.

Journey Moments

Extra Milers and Smilers

In this month’s column, Fr. Jerry shares with our readers stories of missionaries in various parts of the world who accomplished their mission here on earth in an unassuming, caring and generous manner.


A Christian Solution to HIV Crisis

The general diagnosis points to men who have sex with men (MSM) as the principal culprit in the HIV epidemic in the young key populations. Christianity insists that abstinence is known to be the only fail-safe, reliable, foolproof, and guaranteed method to this problem.

In Focus

Walking in the Light of Faith

Lumen Fidei (LF), The Light of Faith, is Pope Francis’ first encyclical. Francis admits that Pope Benedict XVI “had almost completed the first draft of an encyclical on faith” and for this initial work “I am deeply grateful to him.” Here we have a unique treasure: profound reflections on faith from two popes!


Rise of Corruption in the World

Corruption has dramatically increased in our world today. No one would claim to be totally innocent because corruption is not only about the wrong use of money; it is also about the wrong use of power. We must all join hands to wipe out this evil from our society.

Inside The Holy Book

In the Beginning there was Experience

The first step in the existence of the New Testament is the experience of Jesus by the Apostles. The proclamation follows according to Jesus’ command. In the end comes the writing. This is the pattern of the tradition which starts with Moses.

Follow Me

Service and Authenticity

Faced with the challenges of vocational discernment, it is necessary to go out to others and to open the doors so that our life can be authentically fulfilled and bear fruit for the good of all.

Mission is Fun

Language Challenges

Fr. Jorge arrived at Waterval Mission, Mpumalanga in South Africa at a mature age. In his first years in the mission, he made a great effort to learn the Northern Sotho language of Sepedi and he reached a certain level of proficiency, which allowed him to celebrate Mass and even to preach in Sepedi.

Strategies for Evangelization

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