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Ethical Banks Warn Against Investing in Arms

A three-day Global Alliance for Banking on Values summit, with the participation of about 70 ethical banks from across the world, wrapped up in northern Italy with a call to embrace the principles of Ethical Finance for the good of humanity and the planet.

Sri Lanka

The Martyrs of the Easter Attacks

The Archdiocese of Colombo has the ardent desire to begin the process of canonization of 171 Catholic faithful killed in the terrorist attack on Easter Sunday 2019, in order to honor their “martyrs of the faith.”


Terrifying Situation

“The intervention of the international community is urgent, otherwise a point of no return will be reached and the dead will be counted in the thousands,” said Father Massimo Miraglio, Camillian Missionary.


Catechist on the road to Canonization

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Pasig has started the cause for beatification and canonization of Laureana “Ka Luring” Franco (in photo), a Filipina catechist with two supposed miracles already under her name.


Increase in Human Rights Violations

Human Rights Watch, a global rights group, has slammed governments in Asia for an increase in repression and human rights violations in its World Report 2024. The report blasted Asian governments for various forms of human rights abuses.


Two Out of Every Five Christians are Persecuted

Two out of every five Christians suffer high levels of persecution and discrimination on religious grounds in Asia, the largest region of the world affected by this issue, followed by Africa (one in five) and Latin America (one in 16). On a global scale, more than 365 million Christians are persecuted (one in seven), the highest figure in the last 31 years.

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