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There is no greater gift than giving to those who are in need. The Comboni Missionaries in the Philippines organize outreach programs, educate potential missionaries, create informative publications, and more. With your help, we can do more for those who are in need.

Outreach Programs

​In Parañaque, Metro Manila, we conduct an annual Education Outreach Program to provide school supplies and scholarships to children of poor families from nearby underdeveloped communities. Without…


Mission is not possible without persons who commit their lives to the service of the Lord of the Missions, and of their brothers and sisters in Christ.


The Comboni Missionaries publish in the Philippines, for Asia and beyond its borders, a monthly Catholic magazine called World Mission; a newsletter called Friends of the Missions, and other…

Comboni Missionaries in Asia

The Comboni Missionaries have been in Asia for more than 25 years. Nowadays, we are present in the Philippines, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam and China. Through our apostolate, we give our all so that Jesus…

Missionary Work in Foreign Lands

Mission brings us to diverse places and human realities all over the world. Be part of the Mission Ad Gentes (to all peoples) and help missionaries in different parts of the world as they proclaim the…

Holy Redeemer Guild

Support the Comboni Missionaries by being a part of the Holy Redeemer Guild. Its purpose is to foster spiritual communion with the missionaries, support the different missionary activities, and help…

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